5 Essential Tips for Properly Storing Your Spices

5 Essential Tips for Properly Storing Your Spices

Spices are already a part of our everyday lives. It is no secret that it brings joy and magic to any of our tasty recipes. Unfortunately, they don't last forever! One must know how to store them to maintain their premium flavors as we use them over time. Here are some ways how to store them. 



Spices in glass containers.

It is best to store them in containers with tight-fitting lids to avoid moisture buildup. Storing them in these containers will also help maintain their freshness and flavor. Ceramic jars, baby food jars, glass jars, and metal tins can do wonders. 


burning green chili

Spices do not go well when stored near light and heat. Avoid storing spices near the stove or oven, as the heat can cause them to lose their potency and aroma. Steam can also cause moisture to collect in containers. By  all means, keep them dry. 


labeled glass spice containers

Containers with clear labels save us from any kitchen cooking disasters. Ensure the labels are clear and include the date when you opened the package. There are plenty of fancy labels out there that you can create or buy online whichever you prefer. 


bad chilis

Checking the spices before using them is a must! One way in testing their freshness is through their color and smell. Fresh spices have rich and bright colors with a strong aroma. If they look dull or pale and have a weak smell, it's time to toss them out in the trash. 


spices in the dark

Yes, you read it right. Exposing them to direct light can reduce flavor. Dark and cool places are preferred. Do not ever think of storing them in the fridge as it will also greatly affect their taste and condition. The ideal storage temperature should not go beyond 70° Fahrenheit. Keeping them in drawers, closed cupboards, and shady parts of the kitchen will do the trick. 

In conclusion, proper storage plays an important role in keeping premium spices fresh and flavorful. By following these helpful tips, you can enjoy the full benefits of your spices for as long as possible. So, go get organized and make the most of your spices! 

Have other awesome tips for storing spices and food storage? Let's hear them! 





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