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Klishi with White Ginger

Klishi with White Ginger

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Born from a long tradition of steak makers in Cameroon. This beef steak spice rub is made of wild harvest and non-farmed ingredients. The sweet taste and garlic flavor of African spice mix, like White ginger spice, add to the smokiness of Likouala pepper and African nutmeg to give your dish something unique and umami. These African spices were originally used as a compliment on grilled steak in Central Africa. We have found new and very flavorful matching when added to curry sauces, bone bouillon, and Beef steak. It will leave you wanting more. 

Ingredients: Likouala Black Pepper, African Nutmeg, Penja White pepper, African White Ginger.


    Packaging: Kraft stand-up pouch

    Weight and Size

    Weight: 56g (1.97oz)

    Product Characteristics

    1. Made in Canada
    2. Non-GMO
    3. Gluten-Free

    All our imported ingredients follow Sustainable Harvest practices. No use of pesticides or intense farming practices


    Product created in Canada using curated ingredients imported primarily from Africa.

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    Sumaiya Ahmed
    Desi style steak

    The mix smelled so good before and even after cooking. It really elevated the curry I made using the steak mix.