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White Pepper/ Penja pepper Cameroon/ Cameroon pepper/ Penja Pepper

White Pepper/ Penja pepper Cameroon/ Cameroon pepper/ Penja Pepper

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Other Names: White Pepper - Piper nigrum - Safed Mirch

While others may offer fresh pepper, none can match our direct source from Cameroon, Africa. We are dedicated to growing our pepper naturally, without fertilizers or preservatives, ensuring a product that is truly unique.

Cameroon pepper offers several benefits: it combats oxidative stress and inflammation, aids digestion, boosts metabolism, shows potential anti-cancer properties, enhances mood, and promotes gut health.

Grown in the untouched landscapes of Africa, our peppercorns benefit from ideal climate conditions that enhance their freshness and flavor. When you choose our peppers, you’re not just buying a spice – you’re savoring a piece of Africa’s culinary tradition, brought to you with genuine care. 

Taste Profile: White pepper has a milder heat with earthy, musty, and sharp pungency, nuanced complexity, and a faint sweetness. 

White Pepper Uses: White pepper is perfect for light-colored sauces, soups, mashed potatoes, creamy pasta dishes, seafood, chicken, and Asian cuisines like stir-fries and congee.

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