Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry organic spices?

Our ingredients such as oats, rosemary, dill and parsley are all Organic products. Our African spice ingredients are wild harvested (foraged) from forests and bushes from countries in West and Central Africa. Which means they are pretty much what Mother nature produces. We get them tested in labs for traces pesticides, genetically modified compounds just to be sure.

Organic certifications in some African countries that we source from is a new concept, or doesn't exist yet because most of the products are just plucked off trees, bushes that grow in the wild. That said, Smoky Hazel has for mission to guarantee a fully Organic Production chain of its spices working with growers and local organization.
It's a process that will take time.

Are your spices Gluten free? Vegan? Allergen free?

All our spices have been lab tested and validated for no traces of allergens such as gluten and most common allergens.

Plus, no animal product or by product are used in the production and manufacturing of our products.

Why do you write “herbs” or “spices” in the ingredients list?

We spend a lot of time coming up with exciting new flavour combinations,
and we want to make sure our exclusive recipes stay top secret. We
employ the collective terms “spices” and “herbs” to group individual
components defined as spices and herbs by the Canadian Food Inspection
Agency (article B.07.001)

How long will my spice last?

Our spices are wild harvested and processed and packaged immediately
after. By processing we mean dried, smoked, fermented, milled. On
average, if properly stored, most spices retain their efficacy for 18
months to 2 years from the time they are processed. This is however a
conservative estimate. If it helps, we’ve learned that most of the
spices purchased from grocery stores are often as old as 5-7 years upon

Do your spice blends contain artificial flavours?

No, our spice blends contain no artificial ingredients. All of our seasonings are all-natural and made from fresh and wholesome ingredients. Do not contain any MSG, preservatives or additives. Tastes better, feels better.

Do your spices blends and seasoning have any health benefits?

Spices that we sell are known in the local communities where they are grown to have health benefits. Check out our blog on the subject for more.

Make sure to consult your health doctor for any medical advice. Claims of health benefits provided by Smoky Hazel Inc should not be taken as medical advice.