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Smoky Hazel not only brings new flavors, but also vows to reinvent the way we season our food.

We bring new and exciting seasoning from countries in Africa and around the world.

Discover our Featured Spice: "KLISHI".

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  • Health Benefits of Penja Pepper: From Volcanic Soil to Wellness

    MARCH 4, 2024

    Discover the healthy truth behind Penja pepper grown in Cameroon's volcanic soil. Dive into this flavorful journey aligning taste with wellness!

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  • Penja Pepper: White Gold from Africa’s Volcanic Valley

    MARCH 1, 2024

    It flourished into one of the best peppers in the world distinguished by its exceptional taste and aroma. Due to its origin, it became known as Penja pepper (Poivre de Penja).  

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  • Undeclared Additives: The Trojan Horse in Your Spice Jar

    FEBRUARY 23, 2024

    In the vibrant and exciting world of spices, an unexpected concern quietly lurks – the presence of undeclared additives. Learn more about them!

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