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Smoky Hazel not only brings new flavors, but also vows to reinvent the way we season our food.

We bring new and exciting seasoning from countries in Africa and around the world.

Discover our Featured Spice: "KLISHI".

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  • 10 Best Ways Of Cooking With Chili Peppers

    APRIL 15, 2024

    Discover the ultimate guide to cooking with chili peppers! Unlock 10 innovative ways to elevate your dishes with fiery flavor and tantalizing heat.

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  • Chili Power Unleashed: The African Bird’s Eye Chili Health Benefits

    APRIL 1, 2024

    Beyond its reputation as a flavor enhancer, the African Bird's Eye Chili harbors a treasure chest of goodies in health waiting to be unveiled.

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  • Bird’s Eye Chili Pepper Plant from The Heart of Africa

    MARCH 29, 2024

    Discover African Bird's Eye Chili Pepper plant and learn about its rich history, culinary uses, cultivation tips, and health benefits.

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