About Us

Hi I’m Géradoux.

Why did I start Smoky Hazel?

My motivation: The joy of eating deliciously flavored food. 

I have started Smoky Hazel out of a love for cooking from a young age. Grew up surrounded by flavors and spices from around the world. Learned most from my mother I will call a magician in the kitchen.  

What I do not compromise on: the quality of the spice, breaking cultural barriers behind spices and their origin. 

  • Our Mission

    Revolutionize the way we season our food.

  • Our Vision

    Human centered design and technology innovation to make seasoning food effortless.

  • Our Purpose

    To bring the world of spices to your table.

The Problem

From the simple salt to the most exotic spices we use, to get the best possible outcome of a meal recipe, the right proportion and the quality of spice can make the difference between an incredible meal and a mediocre one.

Spices need to be stored in the right container and at the right temperature to conserve their fragrance. The alchemy taking place when recipe ingredients are mixed requires proportioning the spices well.

Have you ever wondered if you used the right amount of seasoning in your dish? The horror of having to clean as much spoons as the number of spice required in a recipe. Or the expression on relative’s face when the meal is just a tiny bit too salty and/or spicier than it should.

There is no spice product in the market today that offers the best possible user experience when interacting with spice, that guarantees its premium quality and makes it ubiquitously easy to buy. That is the problem Smoky Hazel wants to solve.

The Solution

We start by bringing you high quality, unique and flavorful spices from around the world. Next, as we harness the right resources and technological capabilities, interaction with our spices will be enhanced to progressively offer exceptional user experience.

How our spices are different from the rest.

Smoky Hazel seasoning and seasoned product are unique due to a combination of unique factors.  

  • Origin of key ingredients: Central and west Africa 
  • Growing Method : The spices grow within an ecosystem and biodiversity that is preserved and wild harvested. We harvest whatever nature yields for the harvesting season: full stop.  
  • Processing: Special care in choosing the spice grains we use in the seasoning blend. When it comes to spices. We mean business. The extra care guarantees quality of the final product and consistency. 

Our Team

Geradoux Sigoue A.

Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer 

I am originally from an African country called Cameroon, moved to Canada when I was 18 years old. I love cooking, being surrounded by family and solving problems. An obsession for quality and customer service underpins everything Smoky Hazel offers. And my passion for cooking is what drives me.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Based on 12 reviews
Klishi Hot

Test amazing ! Really delicious mixed it with some baked or fish with anything really and you are in for a treat . Will definitely order more in the coming months.

Klishi Hot

Really nice! I really appreciate the flavour joined together! Best for chicken or anything really

Easy to use. Tasty

Thank you for the awesome feedback!

Klishi Mild
Shuang Esther

Super awesomely great

Thank you so much!

Alima Coffee : Espresso - 1

Excellent customer service.and great quality. Spices are great no salt added.

Thank you for your feedback Nelly!

I used Klishi spice on chicken and it was a flavour like no other. The taste was deep, bold, fresh and there was something comforting about it that leaves you wanting more! I highly recommend.

Wow this is so great to hear Anna, thank you.

I've used it on Chicken thighs and wings several times. It always turns out great, especially on the BBQ.

Glad you loved it Greg!

Klishi Mild

These spices are delicious! We've used them on chicken, fish and potatoes. It's an amazing, unique blend of flavours that you just can't get in the average spice aisle. I've used these spices when hosting family and friends and always get so many compliments!

Happy that we are now part of your family gatherings. Thank you so much!

Wonderful flavor. This rub truly enhanced our bbq chicken and we cannot wait to purchase more!

Thank you so much, Zol!

We tried this spice on a barbecued chicken. This chicken tasted so good and was filled with so much flavour, unlike the other spices in my cupboard. I will be buying this spice to gift to my family for the holidays!

Great idea for the holidays, Jess! It warms our heart that you love our spices. Thank you!

Klishi Red Meat
Sumaiya Ahmed
Desi style steak

The mix smelled so good before and even after cooking. It really elevated the curry I made using the steak mix.

Klishi Mild
African Spice seasonings

I tried the Klishi Chicken seasonings on Chicken and found the taste to be warming with spice but mild heat. It was easy to use African spiced seasonings that just needed to be sprinkled on the meat and I roasted it in the oven. Great for people that like different flavours and don't want to buy a bunch of ingredients.