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Klishi Mild

Klishi Mild

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Dry rub with smoky BBQ spices. Perfect for lovers of BBQ grilled poultry. It works well over the summer BBQs. This unique African spice mix of black and white Peppers has also been found to work extremely well on dishes with black or white pepper as an ingredient. Klishi gives the dish a tastier, smoky, lemony, and nutty flavor (although this product is nut-free). 

Passionate about the well-known Portuguese chicken grill and fall in love with this central African special BBQ chicken dry spice rub

Ingredients: Likouala Pepper, Selim Pepper, African Nutmeg, Country Onion, Penja White pepper, Oats

    Health Benefits

    Material, Size and Weight

    - Material: Paper round tin container

    - Package size: 73mm x 50mm / 7inch x 1.97inch

    - Weight: 56g / 1.97oz

    Product Characteristics

    We take Food safety very seriously. ​All Spices and Blends are lab tested and validated.

    Klishi - Non-GMO Verfied Products          
    Based on our lab test results, we've started the process with the respective organizations to get the following certification.
    1. Non-GMO or Organic
    2. Gluten Free
    3. Vegan
    4. Kosher

    We'ld love to answer any question you may have. Contact us at 


    All products are manufactured and packaged in Canada. We source ingredients from several places.

    From West and Central Africa for:

      • Black Pepper
      • Nutmeg
      • White pepper

        From Canadian suppliers for:

        • Organic Oats
        • Organic Dill
        • Organic Rosemary
        • Organic Parsley

         To learn more on the African spices check out our blog page. 

        Any general inquiry on our products, visit our FAQ page.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 11 reviews

        Test amazing ! Really delicious mixed it with some baked or fish with anything really and you are in for a treat . Will definitely order more in the coming months.


        Really nice! I really appreciate the flavour joined together! Best for chicken or anything really


        Easy to use. Tasty

        Thank you for the awesome feedback!

        Shuang Esther

        Super awesomely great

        Thank you so much!

        Greg Roche

        I've used it on Chicken thighs and wings several times. It always turns out great, especially on the BBQ.

        Glad you loved it Greg!